The Grand Canyon Day 1

What an amazing day. We made it into the East Entrance of the Park and made our way along Desert View Drive. Made every free shuttle and did all the stop on Hermit Rest Shuttle. I will not be posting all 612 picture taken today. Rather this a fair sample of the incredible day we had. Remember any photo you wish to see bigger just click it.

DSC_0013 (640x425)DSC_0014 (425x640)DSC_0019 (640x424)DSC_0093 Stitch (640x293)DSC_0213 (640x425)DSC_0235 (640x425)DSC_0264 (640x424)DSC_0279 (640x423)DSC_0296 (640x425)DSC_0299 (640x424)DSC_0316 (640x415)DSC_0328 (640x613)DSC_0330 (640x425)DSC_0334 (415x640)DSC_0359 (640x422)DSC_0363 (640x425)DSC_0364 (640x425)DSC_0370 (640x403)DSC_0373 (640x415)DSC_0382 (640x418)DSC_0502 (640x425)DSC_0519 (640x425)DSC_0524 (640x425)DSC_0525 (422x640)DSC_0534 (640x403)DSC_0537 (640x425)DSC_0540 (640x417)DSC_0551 Stitch (640x556)DSC_0559 (640x425)DSC_0565 Stitch (640x245)DSC_0614 (640x423)

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1 Response to The Grand Canyon Day 1

  1. June says:

    The awesomeness of God’s handiwork is indescribable. Great photos!

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