March 10th, At Sea

Wow   Today in the 2nd to last day of the cruise and it feels like it. Luggage that had been in storage was delivered and OMG:


The good news that we do not have to take it all home. We get to ship four  (4) bags home and will be able to put them outside our door today and not see them again until we get home and have time to unpack a few of the other bags.

Today’s craft class made crystal sun catchers and Gloria’s is pretty nice:


There was a cocktail party last evening before our dinner.  Thom, the Cruise Director, validated the rumor we had heard that Seabourn has moved their headquarters to Seattle.  Thom said Seabourn is actually sharing Holland’s headquarters in Seattle.  We are all wondering what this indicates.  Will Seabourn become part of Holland fleet of ships? 

Last night we said goodbye to our tablemates as tonight we will be in the Pinnacle Grill.  It was a bittersweet dinner.  We were so lucky to have such diversified and fun people at our table.  We plan to see the two Aussie couples when we are in Sydney on the world cruise in 2012. 

Today we have to seriously get our packing done.  Yuck!

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1 Response to March 10th, At Sea

  1. joey says:

    Boy those cases look a lot like my condo. I went straight to work in Denver from the ship. Got home today to look at all the suitcases.Yuk. went skiing instead of facing reality!

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