March 7th Panama Canal Transit

We arrived at the first set of locks (Pedro Miguel) this morning at 5:41 a.m. and were completely through before we even got out of the room. We were at breakfast at 7:00 a.m during the second set of locks (Miraflores). Our open house guests arrived between 9 – 10 a.m. and we all had a great visit during our transit through the Cut and Gatun Lake, until noon, when we all had lunch together. During our lunch we were delayed in Gatun Locks for a Medical Emergency Evacuation. No details were given.

Here are a few pictures of this trips Panama Canal transit (photo’s by Susan Hasson):

DSCN2395 (1024x574)DSCN2392 (1024x576)DSCN2391 (1024x541)DSCN2384 (1024x556)DSCN2383 (1024x557)DSCN2382 (1024x572)DSCN2378 (1024x576)DSCN2374 (1024x575)DSCN2369 (1024x556)DSCN2360 (576x1024)DSCN2368 (1024x548)DSCN2366 (1024x556)DSCN2361 (1024x576)DSCN2359 (1024x575)

We never found out what the medical emergency evacuation was all about.  We had lunch in the non-buffet dining room followed by meeting more friends in the buffet dining room.  We stayed until past 2:30pm.  Then back to our room to finish viewing the last of the Panama Canal and going to sea.  Some of the guests and Brad, of course, traded their pictures and movies that were taken during the crossing today.  We got some very good pictures as this was Susan’s first time through the locks.  Brad was figuring we have been through the locks about 15 times.

We were happy with all of Holland’s crew who helped make our open house such a success with extra ice, Panama rolls (really good coffee roll), lots of glasses, napkins, etc.  Everyone was helpful and prompt to all our requests.     

We both needed naps to catch up with our sleep.  This is the first time we have had to set the alarm to leave the room.  Yuck!  Thank goodness tonight is a smart casual and not a formal night.

Today we accepted two more invites to the Pinnacle Grill before we disembark. Wow!

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