March 2nd, At Sea

Wow we were cruising along and just over the balcony Brad saw this school of flying fish:


As we leave Lima our last port in Peru and head north for Manta, Ecuador.

Last night our entire dinner table ate in the Lido where they transformed it into a Trattoria Restaurant. The food was great and the desserts were very good.  We agreed we liked the Amaretto and coffee ice cream dessert the very best.

As the cruise is coming to an end, yep we only have ten days left before departure. The pillow note we received last night was a Dr. Seuss saying: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”. For those of you that have been following this blog since January 5th. You know we are smiling because it happened and loved every minute.

This morning at breakfast our table partners were saying how great their tour in General San Martin was.  We have heard this from many passengers and it is on our “do not miss” list for another time.  This was the boat tour that went to another island where we were told were thousands of seals and birds and lot of penguins as well. 

And we also were told that the vendors along the dock here in  Callao had great items for sale at very good prices.  We were not in a shopping mood, but this was good information as well.

Just FYI, we received the information about having our luggage shipped free (two pieces each).  On the world cruise we were able to ship the duffle bags Holland gave us filled for an additional $20 besides the allotted pieces.  Well, not this time.  If you were to ship these home empty it would cost $20.  If filled, they would cost $65.  Another change which is good to remember is depending on the port you disembark in for a Grand or World cruise is the criteria for whether you have to pick up your luggage that will be shipped to go through customs or not.  Last year, we got off in Los Angeles and we never saw these pieces of luggage until we arrived home.  This year we have to pick the pieces up in Ft. Lauderdale to go through  customs.  When we asked, we were told it depends on the customs people at the port you disembark from.  This is just good information to tuck away for future use.

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