March 1st, Lima Peru

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Pictures of Lima from last year can be found at:!3400

Last night was the Belgian Dinner in the Pinnacle Grill.  The menu and food was prepared by the Hotel Manager, Firmin Van Walle, with the help of the entire Pinnacle Grill Staff. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here to tell you this dinner was superb.   Firmin is a master chef and jokingly suggested making a Belgian dinner earlier in the cruise and then it was a reality.  Firmin is well liked by the passengers.  The Pinnacle Grill was full.  Before the meal was served Firmin explained each dish to us.  Gloria elected to order two desserts because she wanted to taste both.  Brad said the chocolate mousse was the best he had ever tasted.  Firmin explained it was made without any milk or cream. 


Firmin 001Firmin 002

Firmin Van Walle

Master Chef / Hotel Manager

Firman Dinner  (2) (1024x680)

Firman Dinner  (4) (1024x680)

Firman Dinner  (19) (1024x680)Pinnacle Kitchen Staff, including the Executive Chef, and Pastry ChefFirman Dinner  (3) (1024x680)


Firman Dinner  (5) (1024x680)Firman Dinner  (6) (1024x680)Firman Dinner  (7) (1024x680)


Firman Dinner  (9) (1024x664)


Firman Dinner  (10) (1024x680)Firman Dinner  (11) (1024x680)

Brad and Gloria

Firman Dinner  (12) (1024x680)

Cellar Master, Ferdinand Basa

Firman Dinner  (13) (1024x680)

Culinary Manager, Craig Oates

Firman Dinner  (14) (1024x680)

Pinnacle Grill Chef, Vijay JeevanandamFirman Dinner  (15) (1024x680)

Pinnacle Grill Manager, Tika YasaFirman Dinner  (16) (1024x680)

Firmin’s Wife Firnanda sat at the table in front of us.Firman Dinner  (20) (1024x680)

After dinner Firmin came out and thanked everyone involved with the dinner individually and introduced each one.  He mentioned that the dinner was a tribute to the chef that trained him many years ago.  He then went to each table in the restaurant to chat for a few minutes.  Of course, ending up at the table his wife, Fernanda, was seated at with other guests.

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2 Responses to March 1st, Lima Peru

  1. Barbara says:

    Andri, in the photo behind the cellar master, was our dining steward last summer. We are pleased to see that he is now working in the Pinnacle Grill. He was the best and deserves the promotion.
    We are enjoying your blog thoroughly. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  2. Barbara says:

    correction: Cullinary Manager, not Cellar Master

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