Feb 28th, Callao (Lima) Peru

Last night we had dinner with Neil and Norma Downie at their table, it was Neil’s 59th.  Since it was the Oscars TV evening, the ship gave everyone black beaded necklaces with gold stars and an Oscar little pendent.

The Sunset last night was very nice:

San Martin Sunset  (5) Stitch

We got back to the room to watch the last hour of the Oscars on TV and then to sleep.

We had been to the port several times over the last few years, so we decided to take the H. Stern shuttle to Miraflores. We stayed around the Marriott there for about an hour and returned.  It just seemed to take much longer to get there this time. 

We were going to go to our favorite restaurant in the mall below the park with a great view of the beach for lunch and Pisco Sours.  However, the skies were overcast and you could not even see the water.  The ride to and from Miraflores was so long, about an hour each way, and the bus was small and cramped.  We decided tomorrow will be spent on the ship.

We are looking forward to our dinner in the Pinnacle Grill this evening.

One last thing today we received a gift from the ship, the official ships picture of Brad receiving his 500 day award.

Mariner 500 day 001

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