Feb 27th, General San Martin, Peru

Aconcagua Valley dinner last night in the Pinnacle Grill.  What is that you ask?  In brief it was the best wine paring dinner so far. The menu was delightful and we received everything on the menu below:




Our arrival was very pleasant and the sights coming into port were new two us both:  General San Martin is commonly known as Pisco. This area shares its name with a brandy made from white Muscat grapes in this region. 

General Martin (1)

General Martin (50)


The above is the famous carving titled Candelabra  It was carved by the pre-Inca civilization in about 600 BC.  The carving is about 1000 feet tall.  This area had the most highly developed pre-Inca civilizations.

General Martin (39)

Seals playing most the day next to the ship were easy to photograph.


General Martin (41)

The above is a tour boat that met the ship and is taking the passengers to a nearby island that is noted for its sea lions and birds.

General San Martin  (1) (1024x679)

Old Steam Engine at the port entrance.

General San Martin  (6) (1024x678)

Sand Storms are nearly a daily occurrence in this part of Peru.  The locals say it has not rained here in 100 years. And it looked like it!.

General San Martin  (16) (1024x680)General San Martin  (7) (1024x628)

This is a concrete statue that resembles a sail boat.

General San Martin  (9) (1024x680)

The ocean provides both life and a play ground.

General San Martin  (10) (921x1024)General San Martin  (11) (680x1024)

These two statues are décor made out of metal along the beach shore line.

General San Martin  (14) (1024x680)General San Martin  (12) (1024x680)General San Martin  (21) (1024x678)General San Martin  (22) (1024x680)General San Martin Port  (1) (1024x665)General San Martin Port  (6) (1024x567)

There was a free shuttle into town.  Brad took the shuttle and the above pictures in town.  Brad says this town looks like a small town in Mexico.

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3 Responses to Feb 27th, General San Martin, Peru

  1. Corrine says:

    Brad, your photos continue to be amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey.

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