Feb 26th, At Sea

Last night was the Black and Gold Ball, we did not attend, but I mention it for two reasons. You may want to bring appropriate dress to participate in these galas and to let you know Formal Nights on Holland America are alive and well.  Gloria does not like wearing black or gold as these are not her colors.  She wore a hot pink formal which stood out since it was not black or gold.  Oh well!  At dinner we received top hats, black for the men, and gold for the ladies.  We gave them away to the Rabbi and his wife who wanted them.

I received a few pictures of Puerto Montt from a new friend, Paul Joslin, and I liked a few of them enough I thought I would share them with you:

DSC_8119 (1024x680)DSC_8111 (1024x680)DSC_8097 (1024x680)DSC_8096 (1024x680)DSC_8086 (1024x680)DSC_8076 (1024x680)DSC_8067 (1024x680)DSC_8056 (1024x680)DSC_8052 (680x1024)DSC_8049 (680x1024)DSC_8017 (1024x680)DSC_7984 (1024x680)DSC_7979 (1024x680)DSC_7936 (1024x680)DSC_7872 (1024x680)DSC_7868 (1024x680)

Gloria thought the sunsets were especially wonderful. 

Today the silent auction is being held.  The things for sale will be donated by the passengers.  These items usually are some of the gifts we have received and hand made items.  Yarn and needles had been provided by Holland at the beginning of the cruise.  Many items were made to donate.  The children from two orphanages will be on board in Lima to receive the cash and gifts.   Beth, the Hostess for Holland raised over $1500 with her idea to make Valentines for donations so the contributions for the orphanages has a jump start.  

Brad just reminded Gloria that there was only 13 days left on this cruise.  Gloria’s withdrawals have begun.

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