Feb 25th, At Sea, Mariner Society Reception

The Captain “Halle Thon Gundersen”, Hotel Manger “Firmin Van Walle” hosted and the Cruise Director MC’ed the Mariners Society Reception for passengers with 200 days and above. Sixteen passengers were recognized for having 700 or more days. Brad received his 500 days recognition. Given that he only started cruising with Holland America in 2004 he is well on his way. Assuming he averages the same number of days a year he will make the next recognition level in 2013 or 2014 at the latest. Seems doable!  The pictures below is the background in the showroom for this affair.  The close up of the medal is the gold medal Brad received.  All those that were to receive medals were allowed into the showroom first so they would be seated in front.  It was all pretty darn nice. 

Mariner Feb 25thMariner Feb 25th  (45)

Mariner Feb 25th  (2)

Mariner Feb 25th  (30)

L – R Firmin, Brad and the Captain

Mariner Feb 25th  (31)

Mariner Feb 25th  (1)

Some of you may be wondering how do they track or count (see charts below) the number of days. First it is important to note that the rich do get richer. Why do I say that?  Well for example, Brad jumped ahead of Gloria in days because of a cruise last October where he was upgraded to a suite and was given double the days for that cruise.  It is important to note that this is not always the case, because they both were upgraded to a suite this voyage and will not be getting the double days. Go figure!

Brad Mariner

It is important to note that Gloria will be recognized on their next cruise together and she will receive her 500 days metal. Note that at the end of this cruise she will have over 475 days and the next cruise is 113 days. So although the span on days seems big the number of cruises for her to achieve the same recognition is one. Brad will not again be recognized until he reaches 700 days. But after that neither of them will receive any other recognition until they reach 1400 days. At which time they should receive an invitation from the CEO to the President’s Club. If of course, they live and/or cruise that long. But God willing and the creek don’t rise that is the plan. And my friends from where we sit it is doable!

GBF Mariner

The lunch that followed was very pleasant. We ate with Annette the future cruise consultant and she explained that we can now purchase future cruise certificates for people that are not on this cruise with us. For example, we know for a fact our children will be cruising with us in the future, and were told regardless of whether or not they pay or come on as 3rd and 4th persons free they would still receive room credits for the future cruise purchase.  So it becomes a no brainer and we will buy them for sure.

Now that you have waded through all these facts, the bottom line is we love to cruise and Holland is fast becoming our cruise line of choice.  Why?  Because of the value for your money spent.  The service and food has been exceptional.  The flowers are always a wonderful add to our cruising.

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