Feb 24th, Valparaiso, Chile

This is our second day in Valparaiso.  We went back to the terminal to make more phone calls this morning.  The phone cards cost $5 for 100 minutes to the US.  You cannot beat the price.  We were able to finish calling everyone on our list by early afternoon.  We passed our cards to others to use before we returned to the ship.

The terminal has a few shops and Gloria and our friend, Sue, walked a bit to see them.   One shop had some really interesting scarves and shawls all one of a kind.  Sue bought some Pisco Sour mix for all of us to enjoy when we transit the Panama Canal later this cruise.  Yum! 

A note for those of you that might do this cruise in the future.  If you enjoy salted nuts in your room, bring them with you.  All attempts to buy them in local markets failed.  Although they may be available on the ship, they would be very expensive for a very small amount. And nuts like Cashews and or Brazil salted were not to be found.

While enjoying lunch with friends this afternoon, we learned the best place to see is the home of the famous Chilean poet and politician called something like Narudo  located in the Isla Negro area which is about an hour away.  An American in the terminal that lives here and works the wine tasting booth would be able to tell you more about this place.  He was very helpful to everyone.

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