Feb 23rd, Valparaiso, Chile

Last night we had a dinner party in the Pinnacle Grill, in attendance were Nancy Grace (Craft Instructor), Mary her helper, Nina (Rabbi’s wife and new friend), Susan Hasson a new friend this cruise, and Neil & Norma Downie (friends from 2010 World Cruise). Dinner was 3 1/2 hours long, mostly because the table conversation kept the waiters from doing their job. Tika (Pinnacle Grill Manager) was very attentive and concerned our dinner was taking far too long. None of us seemed to notice. Wine (3 bottles) with only five out of eight drinking might have had a little to do with it.  There is a section in the Pinnacle that is like a half circle or shell where one table for eight is available.  We always work out to get this table as it is cozy and somewhat private. 

Dinner in the Pinnacle is always enjoyable.  However, we have noticed some changes that most of you might not have experienced as yet.  The Mac and Cheese with Lobster in no longer the delight it once was.  The presentation and recipe have changed.  We are very disappointed with that. The portion served is quite a bit smaller and this is an entrée.  Gloria old standby of Steak Diane has also changed and now they are using so much pepper in it she has stopped ordering it.  Lastly, and this might just be here on the Prinsendam, but they cannot seem to get the Chocolate Volcano dessert correct.  Two nights ago it was served cold and last night it was overcooked.

We have enjoyed the Pinnacle Grill and still do, but some changes are not to our liking.  The steaks are still fabulous.  The Pacific Rim Beef Salad featured for lunch is Gloria’s favorite.

Today is day 50 of our 66 day cruise.  Gloria starts going into withdrawals as she never wants the cruise to end.  Brad starts reminding her daily how many days are left which , really does not do any good as Gloria still gets off each cruise kicking and screaming.  Well, not really, but she doesn’t like it one bit. 

Today we used the cruise terminal phone center to make calls home. And Brad made the one mile walk to Jumbo’s to buy a few things need to complete this cruise, you know personal comfort items.

Tonight we are looking forward to the Folkloric “Lafquen”.

Internet and Phone Cards in the terminal:

We both attempted to use phone cards in the terminal phone and internet center. For approximately an hour we continued to get recording stating there were no trunks. It turned out the cards we were given were not in the system yet and were giving a false positive message to us. I have sharing this in the blog for other that might be looking for information on this port of call and to help them get ahead of the future visit. On the plus side we have been here many times before and did not have this problem. On the internet they have added high speed access via cabled connection vs. WIFI. However WIFI is also available is also much better then the ship and cheap by most standards.

We did not get out and about much this stop but you can see the port in our last stops posting at: http://cid-d357675bd6a35fce.skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?page=play&resid=D357675BD6A35FCE!849 Enjoy!

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