Feb 18th, At Sea

Ushuaia  (26) 3

Today we made our way through Smith Channel, it was a rainy foggy day and we are sad to report this blog will not have any pictures of the channel.

Instead we would like to share good news and bad news. Prior to our arrival in Punta Arenas we received some very sad news via a letter from the cruise line that read:

Dinner 002

Now this was sad for us on a two fronts, first because we enjoy this Chilean favorite every time we are in Chile. But secondly because we just received an email from our friends Fred and Carol Hammerman who were in Lima and toasted us with Pisco Sours. We are thinking they did not get the memo.

Tonight we are dinning at the Captains Table for the 3rd time this voyage. We had invited the Hotel Manager and his wife to join us at our table and this was the reply:

Dinner 001 (2) firman

The above was followed two days later by:

Dinner 001

The great thing about these hosted dinner, apart from the Cocktails, and Wine, is that the menus are varied and completely different.

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