Feb 16th Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia  (26)

Hard to believe it has been eight days since we left Buenos Aires, Argentina and now we have returned to the furthest City in Argentina. Ushuaia claims to to be the Southern most city in the world and it is often referred to as the “World’s End”.

Ushuaia  (30)

We have been here several times and have enjoyed each visit. We are not taking a tour this trip rather Brad will be going into town for an up close and personal photo tour on his own.

Last evening we passed Cape Horn and the rocking of the ship subsided as we entered the Canal de Beagle. One of the things we observed is that cruising the Antarctic and ending in Ushuaia is a different experience than cruising from Ushuaia to the Antarctic. We both agree the scenic Antarctic this time was better than before. We had three days of beautiful clear skies even though it snowed the last day. The Antarctic is absolutely spectacular.

Feb 15th at Sea (48)

We had a pretty impressive sunset during dinner as well:

Feb 15th at Sea (126)

Just before our dinner we stopped at the Pinnacle Grill to make reservation for  a future dinner and ran into our friend Sue with Danielle and friends.

Feb 15th at Sea (24)

Just after that was out on deck and ran into all these friends:

Feb 15th at Sea (40)Feb 15th at Sea (123)

We are so glad the weather is warming up a bit. The high is supposed to be 52 degrees today. Brad went into town to take pictures and Gloria did her daily exercises and extended invitations to various people to join us for dinner on different evenings. Whenever our dinner companions have other arrangements, we try to invite other people to join us for dinner. This is fun and allows for different interactions which we like.

Ushuaia is a lovely little town which has the national park called Tierra del Fuego which is the tip of South America often referred as the World’s End. We have been here twice before. The last time we took the tour on the train to Tierra del Fuego and a bus ride as well. The first time we took a cab with our friends, Fred & Carol, to Tierra del Fuego. This was quite an experience as Fred had brought his fly fishing rod to do a little fishing. The poor cab driver drove all over until he could find a place to get a fishing license for Fred as it was a Sunday.

The picture below was the view from our verandah this morning. 

Ushuaia  (5) Stitch

During Brad’s walk into town he took a few pictures:

Ushuaia  (6)Ushuaia  (7)Ushuaia  (8)Ushuaia  (12)Ushuaia  (11)Ushuaia  (15)Ushuaia  (21)Ushuaia  (16)Ushuaia  (17)Ushuaia  (24)Ushuaia  (13)Ushuaia  (25)Ushuaia  (27)Ushuaia  (22)Ushuaia  (28)

We just had lunch with some folks that took the Beagle Canal tour and loved it.  Next time we will have to book this tour in Ushuaia.

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