Feb 16th Beagle Channel Cruising

Ushuaia  (26) 2

Brad found a $10 trolley ride available through the town portion of Ushuaia today.  If time permits next year we will do the Beagle Channel and the trolley ride as well.

After leaving Ushuaia around 1:00 pm we headed through the Beagle channel (Yellow Triangles) where we enjoyed the Holanda, Italia, Francia, Alemania, Romanche and Espana Glaciers. Each one more amazing then the last.

Here are a few of the views we took in during this spectacular part of our voyage:

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (108)

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (72)

Gloria could not imagine this sailboat out here in the middle of these glaciers.  This is not a ride we would want to take.

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (147)

This waterfall was just gushing water.  It was so awesome to see.

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (131)

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (154)

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (204)

This is a second waterfall that was just at full speed down the glacier.

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (237)

This picture of the sailboat give you a perspective of how small the boat was next to the glaciers.

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (266) Stitch Stitch

Beagle Channel Feb 16th  (236)

The above are a just/+ few of the magnificent pictures Brad captured with his great camera.  You will have to come to Florida to see them all.  We were viewing until after 6pm today because each sight was better than the last.  The fiords we viewed from our room the rest of the evening before dinner and they were wonderful as well.

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