Feb 15th At Sea

As we leave the Antarctic on our way to Cape Horn, the Beagle Channel we wanted to share a few of our favorite Antarctic photos.

Penguin Colony

Antarctic Day 2  (27)

Elephant Island Feb 12 (169)

Icebergs, Science Stations and Blue Ice.

Antarctic Day 2  (75)

Antarctic Day 2  (87)

Hope D40  (368)

Palmer Station (13)

Lemaire Channel  (29)

From blue Ice to Blue Toes.

Lemaire Channel  (109)

Humpback Whale and Penguins.

Whale and Ship Feb 13th (36)

Elephant Island Feb 12 (50) Elephant Island Feb 12 (35)

Elephant Island Feb 12 (47)

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1 Response to Feb 15th At Sea

  1. June says:

    Loved the pictures of the penquins and the icebergs. Amazing colors! Do you know why the houses on the island are painted bright red? Isn’t this a research station?

    Thanks for taking the time and effort for a wonderful blog.

    June in Florida

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