Feb 13th Couverville Island and Paradise Bay


Today was overcast and windy, with spots of light snow. We cruised Couverille Island and Paradise Bay

Antarctic Day 2  (11) Stitch (1024x436)Antarctic Day 2  (23) Stitch (1024x475)Antarctic Day 2  (40) Stitch (1024x544)

Mid morning we passed the National Geographic Explorer. Antarctic Day 2  (43) (1024x664)Antarctic Day 2  (44) (1024x663)Antarctic Day 2  (45) (1024x671)Antarctic Day 2  (71) Stitch (1024x283)

What a great day of sightseeing.  We had people in and out of our cabin all day because of the balcony.  We would go outside for little bit and then come back in to get warm.  Gloria and Nina knitted part of the time.  Kal worked on his pictures in his computer.  Susan got some pointers on her camera from Brad and we laughed and talked a lot.

We were invited to the Captain’s Table by Thom, the cruise director, and his wife, Tina.  This was a special dinner as Thom & Tina made p the guest list of their friends for this occasion.  We were honored to be included.  Oh yes, and by the way, the dinner was exceptional.  When we returned to our cabin the ship was really rocking.  Lots of stuff in our cabin had fallen over.  Since we sleep easily, there was no problem for us.  

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