Feb 12th Hope Sound Antarctica

Feb 12th

What a spectacular day, Penguins, Birds and Icebergs, oh my, all day everywhere you looked.

Hope D40  (160) (1024x648)

This penguin is getting ready to “porpoise” out of the water.

Hope D40  (2) (1024x681)

Hope D40  (57) (1024x671)

The explorations speaker explained that only one tenth of an iceberg is above sea level so whenever you look at these pictures, consider that 90% more of each berg is below sea level.  Everything about Antarctica is amazing.

Elephant Island Feb 12 (88)

These penguins are all “porpoising”.  What a sight to behold.

Hope Sound 5000  (400)

We all named this Iceberg the Grand Piano!

Hope D40  (396) (1024x682)

This is a great picture of an Antarctic Petrel bird.

Hope D40  (8) (1024x668)Hope D40  (9) (1024x678)Hope D40  (24) (1024x662)

The pink on this ice is penguin poop.  It is pink because the penguins eat krill which is a type of fish.  Penguins do eat other things like squid and other types of fish.

Hope D40  (234) (1024x674)

The above plane is part of the Argentine “Esperanza” research center and is flying over the ship to take pictures of us.

Hope D40  (235) (1024x677)Hope D40  (332) (1024x666)

The bird above and below is called a Cape Petrel.

Hope D40  (459) (1024x655)

The above bird is called an Antarctic Petrol

Hope D40  (567) (1024x682)

Gloria loves this picture.  These three penguins are on the ices looking at a penguin that is  “porpoising”.  Is that great or what?


Hope D40  (581) (1024x670)

The group of small black dots are a whole bunch of penguins.

Hope Sound 5000  (28) (1024x680)

Above are birds called Checkerboard Petrels because their wings are checkered.  These are just skimming the water.  They use the ship’s wake to propel themselves for lift.  They are pretty amazing birds.

Hope Sound 5000  (143) (1024x679)Hope Sound 5000  (276) (1024x655)

Sue and Brad ran out during lunch to capture the picture below, iceberg which came close to the ship.

Hope Sound 5000  (334) (1024x635)

Took time out for lunch with Sue, Nina and Kal.  As usual everyone except for Brad are dressed in lots of layers because of the cold.

Hope Sound 5000  (339) (1024x679)

The next few pictures are stitched panoramas Brad thought worthy of posting. But you must click them and see them bigger to get to full affect:

Hope D40  (37) Stitch (1024x429)

Hope D40  (76) Stitch (1024x132)

Hope D40  (277) Stitch (1024x253)

Hope Sound 5000  (49) Stitch (1024x272)

Hope Sound 5000  (78) Stitch (1024x341)

Hope Sound 5000  (185) Stitch (1024x250)

Hope Sound 5000  (249) Stitch (1024x183)

The day ended with a cruise by Deception Island.  Even though it was sun down and shrouded in mist this volcano that had collapsed into itself millions of years ago, now looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park. We were pleased as we did not get to see Deception Island last trip because of heavy weather. For sure when you are here nothing is ever the same.

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2 Responses to Feb 12th Hope Sound Antarctica

  1. Corrine says:

    Brad, your pics today are spectacular (as always)! Like the captions too!

  2. Bill Gooden says:


    Thanks for the fantastic shots of Antarctica. Such a beautiful place, but always changing.

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