Feb 11th, Heading for Antarctic

Dinning room Feb 11 (6)

Tonight they have dressed up the dining room for an Antarctic Icebreaker Party:

Dinning room Feb 11 (1)Dinning room Feb 11 (3)Dinning room Feb 11 (4)Dinning room Feb 11 (2)

Although the daily program indicates we can dress as our favorite penguin, ice queen, or happy feet, we are just going to attend dinner in our regular “smart casual” outfits.  Gloria was happy to feel OK after our adventure in the 4×4 drive yesterday.  She thinks it is because she has worked out every day and is stronger.  Whatever the reason, she happy about it.  Today is a day at sea and the ship is going pretty fast so we will reach the Antarctica tomorrow and we can hardly wait.  The ship is really rocking.  We are so happy to have a quiet day at sea before our wonderful sightseeing of the Antarctica the next three days.

Crafts today was a Iris Folding Greeting Card of a whale:

Craft Feb 11

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