Feb 8th at Sea

Feb 8th Map

Over the past 33 days the Photographer has been trying to catch Brad getting off the ship:

Me Feb 8th 001Me Feb 8th 002

Last night’s dinner in the Pinnacle was great.  Kal had a good time and enjoyed the celebration for his birthday.  Brad made a champagne toast to begin the evening which explained the MacDonald’s Kosher burger place where we had lunch that day.  This was very special for Kal as it was the first MacDonald’s hamburger he had ever tasted.

CORRECTION!   Tina corrected us on where the home she and Thom bought is located.  The home is actually in Oakland, California near the Rockridge area.

Beth Downey Hostess, one our guests at the Pinnacle, related that she bought a fabulous leather jacket at a store in Buenos Aires called “Maybe” on Florida Street.  Something to remember for another trip to Buenos Aires.

Gloria attended today’s craft.  Gloria felt there was way too much sewing even though Nancy, the arts and crafts instructor, did most of it prior to the class.  This is a Valentine door/wall hanging.  Gloria felt it is country looking which is not a style she likes and too much work.. 

Crafts Feb 8th (1)

Nancy Grace bought everyone the sterling silver earrings below as a gift for today’s craft class.

Crafts Feb 8th (2)

Nancy shared with the class an excellent tour agency in Rio.  The following is the information:  Buggy Tour  The best way to know Rio!  Dolores Leao, Independent Guide, doloreslion@hotmail.com is her contact and you can see her website at: www.myspace.com/buggytour  55-21-2220-2043 or 55-21-8217-3218

Nancy used Dolores for two days in Rio de Janeiro and said both days were excellent.       

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  1. Gerry says:

    Brad, I was born and raised in Oakland. We lived on 44th Street, maybe about 5 miles from Rockridge or a little more. Know the area well. The area where I was raised has really changed, but the Rockridge area is pretty much the same.

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