Feb 5th Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo Map

Beautiful day, clear skies and Gloria ventured off the ship for the second time in 33 days. The scooter proved its worth today.  We took it off the ship and Gloria was a Pro.

Montevideo (8) (1024x680)

We went in and out of the Mercado de Puerto with it wonderful BBQ pits:

Montevideo (41) (1024x680)Montevideo (42) (1024x680)Montevideo (43) (1024x680)

All these great looking BBQ have a Bar in front of them and then tables surround the bar. A pleasant indoor dining experience if you ever get to Montevideo and it is a very short walk from the ship. Also, along the way Brad got a Haircut and here is his Barber posing with her Matte cup of tea after the cutting was finished. If you are interested the shop was located at the corner of Perez Castellano & Sarandi. Seven short blocks from the ship.

Montevideo (19) (1024x680)

Matte and the tea is a way of life, and well, everyone has a Matte Cup, Silver Straw (it filters the tea) and thermos of hot water. They brew each cup of the tea in the Matte Cup.

Along the way to and from the ship and to the Barber Shop, these were a few of the sights:

Montevideo (5) (1024x680)Montevideo (9) (1024x680)Montevideo (10) (1024x680)Montevideo (11) (1024x680)Montevideo (2) (663x1024)Montevideo (20) (680x1024)Montevideo (15) (680x1024)Montevideo (16) (1024x680)

Gloria especially liked these doors so Brad took two pictures of them.  The interesting thing about all the lovely doorways was, there could be two identical doorways right next to each other.  One would be perfect with the brass portions polished until they gleamed in the sunlight and the other would be in really poor condition.

 Montevideo (12) (1024x680)Montevideo (18) (1024x680)Montevideo (21) (1024x680)Montevideo (22) (1024x680)Montevideo (23) (1024x680)Montevideo (24) (1024x678)Montevideo (25) (1024x679)Montevideo (26) (1024x680)Montevideo (27) (1024x680)Montevideo (28) (1024x680)Montevideo (29) (1024x680)Montevideo (30) (1024x680)Montevideo (31) (1024x680)Montevideo (32) (1024x680)Montevideo (33) (1024x680)Montevideo (34) (1024x680)Montevideo (35) (1024x680)Montevideo (36) (1024x680)

Gloria loved all the colorful fruits and vegetables on display.  As you can see by all the wonderful pictures Brad took.

Montevideo (37) (662x1024)Montevideo (44) (680x1024)Montevideo (47) (680x1024)Montevideo (38) (1024x680)Montevideo (40) (1024x680)Montevideo (46) (1024x680)Montevideo (48) (1024x680)Montevideo (49) (1024x680)Montevideo (50) (1024x680)Montevideo (51) (1024x680)Montevideo (1024x680)

We were here a year ago and this is what we saw on that trip:


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