Feb 4th at Sea

Feb 4th

Another Formal evening, our 5th so far, what to wear, what to wear.  The Smiths are going to the Italian Dinner in the Pinnacle tonight so we have invited Kal, the Rabbi, and his wife, Nina, to join us.

We sailed into the Argentine Basin around mid day, in preparation for our arrival in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Today is a second day at sea in a row.  The morning was pretty much the same as yesterday.  Breakfast, Brad goes to Techspert to upload the blog, Gloria goes to meditation and exercise.  Then lunch and craft class.

Today in crafts we made a small purse or card holder:

Feb 4th Crafts (1) (1024x680)

Feb 4th Crafts (2) (1024x680)

The purse is supposed to be a replica of the Matte design with the sterling silver straw which is what the people in Montevideo use for their special tea.  The straw has holes in the bottom of it so that when you sip the tea, the straw strains the tea leaves.  The tea is supposed to be an “acquired” taste and sounds awful. 

If we bought a jar, we would use it as a pencil pot.  The jar is made from a local gourd and lined somehow.  We saw these tea pots last time we were here and could not figure out how or what they were used for.  Now that we know, we still are not sure we would buy one.  We understand the cost is about $10 and includes a small stand for the gourd.

Tomorrow the forecast is about 73 degrees which will be a welcome relief whatever we decide to do in town.

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