Feb 2nd, Paraty, Brazil a Maiden Call

Parati, or Paraty, Brazil (Par-a-CHEE) was our last port of call in Brazil. This was once again a Maiden Port of Call for the Prinsendam A.K.A The Elegant Explorer, we have called home for the last month. 

Pararti Map


Once a gold mining town 1650 – 1850, Paraty is now a tropical resort with private islands dotting the bay.

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This is a picture of one of the schooners the ship rented to help get passengers ashore.

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Pararty  (62) (1024x675)Pararty  (63) (1024x678)

These are pictures of two colonial buildings built on 1836.

Pararty  (64) (1024x679)

The hammocks in this picture is the shopping area and the only shopping available.  And the following picture is of the only church Brad saw.  There are supposed to be 3 churches and some sort of museum, but Brad did not see the other churches or the museum.

Pararty  (66) (1024x668)Pararty  (70) (1024x680)Pararty  (71) (1024x679)Pararty  (76) (1024x579)Pararty  (79) (1024x679)Pararty  (80) (1024x679)

The picture of the boat with the pirate and swords is a tour boat offering tours around these little islands.

Brad took the first tender this morning which was about 8:30am and was back by 11am.  the tender ride took a half hour each way because the water is not deep enough for the ship to get any closer.  The ship rented some schooners to help take passengers to the shore.  Getting on and off was difficult and when you got off the tender you had to walk through sand with cobblestones in the sand.  We have seen 13 ports of call in Brazil on this trip with only 3 where we could dock.  This cruise is definitely not for people with handicaps as there were many stops where a wheelchair or motor shooter would not be feasible.  We are so happy we upgraded our room and could see most of the sights right from our balcony.  

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