Feb 1st, Rio de Janeiro Day 2

Day two it rained in the afternoon but it cleared enough that in the evening for the Locals to come on and do a show:  The show was fast paced, just long enough, and wonderful.

Rio Folk Show  (6) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (15) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (29) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (99) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (164) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (167) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (277) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (282) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (319) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (361) (1024x680)Rio Folk Show  (710) (1024x680)

We heard from passengers that attended the samba show the evening before that it was good, but long and did not start until 10pm.  The problem was the showroom was part of or adjoined a parking garage.  Every time the door from this parking garage to the showroom was opened, the smell of gas fumes was prevalent.  Also, the place the passengers were taken to dinner as part of the package was in a different location.  They felt the food was of poor quality and service was not good.  We have changed our minds about seeing this samba show if or when we return to Rio.

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