Jan 30th at sea

Jan 30th map

Last night we attended the Sommelier Dinner (a.k.a. Cellar Master Dinner). The menu was fixed and the wines were paired. It was a very enjoyable evening but yet again we compared the evening to the Amsterdam and Zuiderdam Sommelier Dinners and yet again both the Chef and the Sommelier came in a distant third.

Sommeleir Diiner (2) (1013x685)

Sommelier Dinner  (1) (524x1024)Sommelier Dinner  (1024x658)

The interesting part of the evening is that about two tables arrived almost a half hour late.  I do not know what the issue was, but these dinners all have to be served at the same time.  So we were given two more glasses of champagne while we all waited.  When one arrives for one of these specialty dinners, you are given a glass of champagne.  We had three glasses before we even started the dinner and wine pairing.  Oh my!

The other interesting thing that happened is we found out how to order on line the wonderful decanters.  In case you are interested the site is: www.wmf.com 

We also found out from the Cellar Master the years that seem to be what we like of the Robert Mondovi “Solaire” Cabernet which is 2006 or 2007.

Today has passed way too quickly as we had to put our clocks an hour forward last night.  We went to breakfast so late, Gloria did not make her meditation class.  It overall is a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot, with clear blue seas.

Craft class today was once again interesting, organized and a cute idea. Iron on Cloth cutouts on cloth postcards.  The cards already were covered with material.  The instructor had added the travel sayings on each card.  The pieces already had the Heat and Bond Lite ironed on.  Once the pieces had been traced and cut, you peeled off the the paper backing and ironed them on the card.  This was a great craft

The instructor told us about the tour in Ilheus, yesterday, which went to a cocoa farm.  She purchased 98% cocoa with 2% sugar which she said was delicious. 

Jan 30th Crafts (1) (1024x416)Jan 30th Crafts (2) (1024x423)

Tonight they have decorated for Rio Carnival, although we are still 4 days away from Rio :

Jan 30th Carnival Night (5) (680x1024)Jan 30th Carnival Night (2) (1024x680)Jan 30th Carnival Night (4) (1024x680)Jan 30th Carnival Night (6) (1024x680)Jan 30th Carnival Night (7) (1024x680)

New flower arrangements have also brightened up the ship:

Jan 30th Carnival Night (1) (680x1024)Jan 30th Carnival Night (3) (680x1024)

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