Jan 29th Ilheus, Brazil

A maiden call for the Prinsendam. That’s right she has never been here. Brad went into town and it was a lovely place.  The weather is lovely today not too hot with a slight breeze. 

Ilheus Map

Ilheus  (16) Stitch (1024x307)Ilheus  (22) Stitch (1024x295)Ilheus  (26) (648x1024)Ilheus  (23) (1024x644)Ilheus  (27) (1024x680)Ilheus  (28) (1024x671)Ilheus  (30) (1024x680)Ilheus  (31) (1024x680)

The building with all the little statues was once a palace.

Ilheus  (35) Stitch (1024x793)Ilheus  (36) (1024x616)Ilheus  (37) (1024x633)Ilheus  (38) (1024x643)Ilheus  (39) (1024x663)Ilheus  (40) (1024x656)Ilheus  (41) (1024x660)Ilheus  (42) (1024x638)Ilheus  (43) (1024x605)Ilheus  (44) (662x1024)

The picture with the green fruit is a picture of  limes which you can see if you click on the picture and make it bigger.

Ilheus  (45) (1024x680)Ilheus  (47) (1024x676)Ilheus  (48) (1024x680)

The one picture of the fish (blue & yellow) is a trash can. You put the trash in the fish’s mouth. Brad says there were lots of trash cans each different, colorful, and decorative. There were many different fruits.

Ilheus  (49) (1024x662)Ilheus  (50) (1024x680)

The colorful squares is a crocheted quilt.  The picture of the man to the left of the quilt is really a statue.

Ilheus  (51) (1024x680)Ilheus  (57) Stitch (1024x446)Ilheus  (78) (679x1024)Ilheus  (65) (680x1024)

Ilheus  (59) (1024x650)Ilheus  (72) (1024x680)Ilheus  (77) (1024x680)Ilheus  (80) (1024x680)Ilheus  (87) (1024x680)Ilheus  (89) (1024x680)Ilheus  (112) Stitch (1024x418)Ilheus  (107) Stitch (1024x218)Ilheus  (116) (1024x680)Ilheus  (91) (1024x680)

And the last picture is a piece of driftwood which looks like a bug to me.

This place is beautiful and no one hassled the passengers.  This stop was in place of Recife which currently has political unrest.  It is so much nicer than Recife was.  We are wondering if the Amsterdam will stop in Egypt with all the demonstrations going on at the moment in that country.

Last night’s dinner was special as all 8 of us were together.  It seems each evening one or more of us is doing something else or eating somewhere else so it was nice.  We wanted to comment that the food overall on this Grand Voyage has been a cut above. 

We just purchased our second bottle of Belvedere vodka.  We have about one drink each left in the original bottle for 25 days of cruising is not too bad.  The bottle costs $70 with service charge.  However, two drinks with tax and service charge in the bar is just under $23.00, so you can see that purchasing a bottle is far less costly.  The thing about being on a cruise is no one cares that you bring a drink with you to the bars.  No one hassles you.   Our normal pattern is to get ready for dinner, fix ourselves a drink and wander into the Ocean Bar to listen to the music and talk with other passengers.

Tonight we are going to Cellar Master’s dinner in the Pinnacle Grill which should be fun.

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