Jan 27th at sea

Note about yesterday, apparently we missed a nice opportunity to ride a double decker bus, reportedly, to a much better market than the one we were dropped off at. Also, the passengers that took this bus felt they had a nice tour of the city.  Many people have been comparing Frank, our port lecturer, to Barbara on the World Cruise. I must tell you although we agree that Frank leaves a lot to be desired. I would not want to ever try and be as good as Barbara. Enough said.

Salvador Map Day Before 

Last night’s dinner was great fun, our table mates were celebrating Australian Day and brought two bottles of Champagne to the table for us all to share.  It seems they went to the crows Nest before dinner and had a merry old time singing “Waltzing Matilda” among other Aussie songs.

Wow!  What a day!  It started as usual with breakfast, then Gloria exercised, while Brad went to the Digital Workshop. Then they both changed clothes and went to George Geary’s cooking demo. After that,  they had a lunch engagement at the Pinnacle Grill with people Brad had help with some video work. They insisted on repaying him for all his work. So it was a very nice lunch and a bottle of fine wine. Then it was off to crafts where they made cloth covered beaded necklaces:  The  nine beads were wooden so they were very light.  The ten bands between the beads were jewelers’ rubber bands.  It is a pretty cool craft and can be made with any type material for holidays or whatever.  The lengths were 36 to 43 inches each.

Jan 27 Craft (679x1024)

Gloria was off again to exercise and Brad to write this blog. Gloria then had a hair appointment and Brad went to Techspert Time to upload the blog and Gloria was off to her hair appointment (Many thanks to Leslie for that wonderful gift), before dressing for Formal Dinner.  Gloria missed her nap so it probably won’t be a late night, but what else is new?

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