Jan 26th Maceio, Brazil

Yesterday afternoon, we went to see the movie “The Mission”.  It is based on a true story, but rather depressing.  Gloria says the seats are so hard in the theater, she is taking a pillow to sit on if she sees any more movies.  It is interesting to note that popcorn is not being given out which is a signature tradition with Holland America Lines.  The passengers believe the reason is to cut down on the possibility of spreading the Noro Virus.  We were in code yellow for a while earlier.  Last night we received two more bottles of Purell in our room.  This is the third time we have had these appear in our room.  It does make one wonder.

Rainbow at sail in was a pleasant sight, today it is 86 and mostly cloudy.  Maceio (Mah-say-oh),  is a beach resort community with a population of 900,000. Maceio Map

We had a free shuttle into the street market, next to Pajucara Beach, and here are a few photos:  The boats with the colorful sails look like they would not be very uncomfortable to sail in as the only seats seem to be wooden benches.  I visualized the people having to sit upright on these benches while sailing.

Maceio  (1) (1024x675)Maceio  (15) Stitch (1024x325)Maceio  (25) Stitch (1024x515)Maceio  (31) (1024x680)Maceio  (32) (1024x680)Maceio  (33) (1024x680)Maceio  (35) (1024x680)Maceio  (36) (1024x680)Maceio  (37) (1024x680)Maceio  (38) (1024x680)Maceio  (41) (1024x680)Maceio  (43) (1024x680)Maceio  (44) (1024x680)Maceio  (45) (1024x680)Maceio  (47) (1024x680)Maceio  (48) (1024x680)Maceio  (49) (1024x680)Maceio  (50) (1024x680)Maceio  (52) (1024x680)Maceio  (55) (1024x680)

Yesterday in craft class we made these Jewelry Travel Bags:  There was some sewing involved, but a nice project for a class.

Craft Jan 25th (1024x680)

There wasn’t a lot to see, by the time Gloria got back to the room from the gym, Brad was already back and getting the blog ready for today.  The passengers agreed that the town was clean and no one bothered you to buy things.

The weather has been nearly perfect today.  Gloria actually sat out on the balcony and read for a bit.

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  1. Bill Gooden says:


    Your photo colors really pop. Have you smuggled aboard the world’s last roll of Kodachrome?


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