Jan 25th a sea day

Jan 25th

A new day and so far no rain in sigh. Yesterday it rained all day and the reports that came back from the guests that went into Fortaleza were bad as expected. The most telling was the securities officers report via the cruise director that several spot in the city were flooded. Also Annie a guested reported their taxi ran into a truck due to the rain. we are all keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow in Maceio, Brazil.  Reportedly a modern beach  resort community.

It truly was a pleasant day, the sun has been out and the sea is a deep blue. Of course you would expect to see Boobies on a day like this, so here are a few photos of them:

Jan 25th at Sea  (41) (1024x594)Jan 25th at Sea  (28) (1024x680)Jan 25th at Sea  (31) (1024x629)Jan 25th at Sea  (32) (1024x680)Jan 25th at Sea  (54) (1024x680)Jan 25th at Sea  (55) (1024x680)Jan 25th at Sea  (56) (1024x571)Jan 25th at Sea  (102) (1024x679)Jan 25th at Sea  (103) (1024x676)Jan 25th at Sea  (104) (1024x680)

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