Jan 23rd at sea

Last night was Jessica Smith’s birthday at our table. We made her a card that the table all signed and gave her a set of wine glass beaded tags, and a copy of Jeff’s Farschman’s Easter Island Blog.

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Belem  Day After

Gloria attended here Meditation Session with Allison the Lifestylist.  She enjoys the half hour in mornings.

We attended George Geary’s demo of making cheesecake.  George is the guest chef for this portion of the cruise.  He was our guest in the Pinnacle Grill the other evening.  He will be at our table in the La Fontaine tonight.  He is so much fun.  I am sure we will end up buying some of his cookbooks. 

Today in craft class we learned Furoshiki, or the art of wrapping gifts with cloth. Very cool:

Furoshiki 001

We ended up at craft class reserving or at least trying to reserve a large round table for craft as we have our favorite people joining us.  Tina, Suzy, Marjorie, Brad and myself.  We have so much fun together.  There is just a whole lot of laughing and joking going on.  It is just a great group. 

Brad and I wrote a commendation letter to Tom Faulkner – Cruise Director and Debbie Lewis – Event Manager about Beth Downey – Hostess.  Beth is the best Hostess and wanted her to be commended in writing.  Beth was grateful and even is sending a copy to her mother.

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