Jan 20th, On the River

After six straight ports, a welcome day on the river. Our last day on the Amazon. Tomorrow we are back out on the open seas for a day. Today the camera captured a few friends around the ship.

Amazon Jan  20  (8) (1024x642)Amazon Jan  20  (9) (1024x675)Amazon Jan  20  (13) (1024x680)Amazon Jan  20  (36) (1024x680)

Next we passed hundreds of miles that looked just like this:

Amazon Jan  20  (24) (645x1024)

In crafts today we made traditional Brazilian wooden necklaces:

Amazon Jan  20  (62) (680x1024)

Just before sunset I spotted a tree that looked like a horses head:

Amazon Jan  20 horse (1024x669)

And of course yet another rain band was in our path, and such is the life this time of year in the Amazon:

Amazon Jan  20  (43) Stitch (1024x478)

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1 Response to Jan 20th, On the River

  1. June says:

    Nice crafts you are making on your voyage.

    For whatever reason I can’t open the website after this one.

    Thanks for the photos and blog.


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