Jan 21st Day at Sea

Belem sea day before

Last night was so much fun, we ate in the Pinnacle Grill with L-R, George Geary the Guest Chef, Allison the Livestylst, Will the Techspert, Brad, Gloria and Beth Downey the Hostess.  We started at 8:00pm and left the Pinnacle at 11:30pm.  Everyone participated in the lively discussions.  We had the round table in a secluded corner of the restaurant which was cozy and private.  This was a good thing for the rest of the people because I suspect we were noisy. 

Jan 20th Pinnacle (1) (1024x680)

See his facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/#!/george.geary

On the 21st we invited George to have dinner with us again in the La Fontaine.  Two couples at our dining table were having the Indian dinner in the Pinnacle so we had room for four people.  We also invited the Rabbi, Kal, and his wife, Nina,  And Suzy, another passenger,  as well.  Again, we had a great evening with lots of chatting and I think closed the dining room.  It is fun to invite guests when some our regular dining mates are doing other things for the evening.

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