Jan 19th Alter do Chao


Very small community with a nice sand bar, also called a beach on the river.  As you can see by the dried piranha mounted on a piece of wood, piranha is the thing to catch, eat, and buy as souvenirs.   Yuck!  Not only are they ugly, what would one do with them?  There was a small beach here and not much else.  Brad elected not to walk into town as from what he could see there was nothing of interest for us.

Amazon Map Alter Do Chao (1024x676)

Alter do Chao (7) (1024x655)Alter do Chao (14) (1024x678)

Alter do Chao (25) Stitch (1024x403)

Alter do Chao (37) Stitch (1024x339)

Alter do Chao (38) (1024x680)

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