Jan 16th Manaus

We arrived a little early 9:30 am vs. 10:00 am at our farthest inland destination port of the Amazon, Manaus and we will be here over night. This city is very large and our arrival was greeted with dancers in native dress. Today, being Sunday, the ship announced that not much will be open.  Of course, we will go out and see the city for a bit.  The dock is a floating dock and our understanding is the dock stays level with the ship.  We will see.  We hope to see where the black waters of the Negro River meet the brown waters of the Solimoes River flowing side by side without mixing.  Gloria thought she saw it this morning, but Brad explained what she saw was not it.   The weather is supposed to be a comfortable high of 82 degrees today with a humidity level of 99%.  Brad uses the hair dryer a lot to eliminate fogging his camera lens and Gloria uses it for her binoculars.  We may not be out very long due to the humidity, we will see.

Amazon Map Manaus (1024x676)

Manaus Arrival (1024x680)

Above,Will Bossen the ships Techpert in the Digital Workshops. Below our greeting in Manaus:

Manaus Arrival (2) (1024x680)Manaus Arrival (48) (1024x680)Manaus Arrival (53) (1024x680)

New Bridge nearing completion crossing the Rio Negro river:

Note the center spans do not meet.

Manaus AM 2 (9) Stitch (1024x153)

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