Jan 13th Macapa’

We crossed the Equator today. Before we arrived at Macapa’ on the Amazon River. The city of Macapa’ sits directly on the Equatorial Line.

Amazon Map Macapa (1024x676)

Yesterday while at sea we made beautiful bracelets in craft class:

Craft Jan 12th (1024x680)

Purchased photos of our dinner table from the first formal night. Note: you can click on any of them and make them bigger:

Dinner Table 002 001 (5) (511x818)Dinner Table Formal 1 001 (1024x837)Dinner table Formal G 001 (4) (490x791)

Front: L-R Gloria, Marylyn,Glen Rear: L-R Gail, Brad, Jim, Jessica, Alan

Dinner Table Formal us 001 (1024x819)

Macapa’ when we arrived:Macapa (3) (1024x676)

The same photo as I was getting ready to go to town:

Macapa (10) (1024x679)

The rain forest as promised was raining buckets. I saw no need to venture out.

I took a few photos of the river and its traffic at this port of call, early this morning before the rain:

Macapa (1) (1024x671)Macapa (5) (1024x669)Macapa (6) (1024x680)Macapa (8) (1024x665)Macapa (11) (1024x680)Macapa (19) (1024x680)


And these next two photos were taken at Devils Island by Nina, and I just had to share them with you:

IMG_3375 (768x1024)IMG_3380 (768x1024)

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  1. azam babaoff says:

    it is wonderful I wish I was there enjoy yourself.

    love azam

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