Jan 10th at sea

Last night we were invited to eat with the 1st Officer, Joris Poriau. We learned that he had been on the Amsterdam for our 2010 World Cruise.  There were three other couples at the table and we knew one of them prior to this cruise. Some of you probably know Jim and Jessica Smith from past cruises.  It was a beautiful table setting, with china and the most beautiful matching stemware. We had a special menu with three entrées to choose from, and appetizers, soup and salad. Oh and the special chocolate dessert.

Our schedule for today:

Gloria: Meditation, Exercise, Knitting Class, and Crafts.

Brad: H. Stern talk, by Derk, Explorations speaker, George Sranko, Crafts, and Digital Workshop.

Daily as we come and go to the above activities we normal use the forward elevators. In the 10th floor elevator landing us see this beautiful glass case:

Prinsendam Jan 10 (1)

Speaking of the Digital Workshop I thought it would be nice for my readers to see Will’s blog. William Bossen is a Photographer and a good one you will enjoy spending time on his blog. Actually, I have found his knowledge to be very diverse. But I am sure you will enjoy his blog:



Tonight is Pirates and Prisoners Night in the dinning room. And they decorated accordingly:

Prinsendam Jan 10 (6)Prinsendam Jan 10 (4)Prinsendam Jan 10 (3)Prinsendam Jan 10 (2)Prinsendam Jan 10 (5)Prinsendam Jan 10 (8)

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3 Responses to Jan 10th at sea

  1. Ray Kennedy says:

    say Hi to Jim and Jessica for us…. .we met up with them on HMC while we were finishing up our 21 days on the Maasdam Christmas-New Years cruise last week.. pretty sure they said they were at your dinner table this cruise……also were with you and them 21 days in Oct-Nov on the Maasdam

    enjoy your South American adventure.. great pics

    Ray & Pat Kennedy

  2. Will and Allison Tame Wild Horses says:

    Hey Brad! Thank you for the link and the plug. Glad to have you onboard and to have met you. Your blog is amazing and I can tell you put great pride in it. Cheers brother!

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