Jan 9th Barbados

WOW, would you believe that the no smoking law is so strict, that you can not even smoke on the ship while we are docked. Those found guilty of smoking face $250 or 12 months in prison or both.  And Jeff thought that the no urinating in public was a strict law.

Brad witnessed the a typical ugly American smoking walking down the street and when a policeman stopped him, reminded him that the Island was non-smoking, the person put it out by crushing it out with his foot. When he started to walk off the officer, said we also have a fine for littering I am sure you do not want to pay. So the guy returned and picked up the cigarette butt.

Brad walked into town and took a few photos:

Barbados  (1) (1024x680)Barbados  (2) (1024x680)Barbados  (3) (1024x680)Barbados  (4) (1024x680)Barbados  (6) (1024x680)Barbados  (7) (1024x680)Barbados  (8) (1024x680)Barbados  (9) (1024x680)Barbados  (10) (1024x680)Barbados  (11) (1024x680)Barbados  (12) (1024x680)Barbados  (13) (1024x680)Barbados  (14) (680x1024)Barbados  (15) (680x1024)Barbados  (16) (680x1024)Barbados  (17) (1024x680)Barbados  (18) (1024x680)Barbados  (19) (1024x680)Barbados  (20) (680x1024)Barbados  (21) (1024x680)Barbados  (22) (680x1024)Barbados  (23) (1024x604)Barbados  (24) (1024x680)Barbados  (25) (1024x680)Barbados  (26) (1024x680)Barbados  (27) (1024x680)Barbados  (28) (1024x680)Barbados  (29) (1024x680)Barbados  (30) (1024x680)Barbados  (31) (1024x680)Barbados  (33) (1024x680)Barbados  (35) (1024x680)Barbados  (36) (1024x680)Barbados  (37) (680x1024)Barbados  (38) (1024x656)Barbados  (39) (654x1024)Barbados  (42) (1024x680)Barbados  (43) (1024x680)Barbados  (44) (680x1024)Barbados  (46) (680x1024)Barbados  (47) (680x1024)Barbados  (48) (1024x680)Barbados  (49) (653x1024)Barbados  (53) (534x1024)Barbados  (50) (1024x680)Barbados  (52) (1024x680)Barbados  (54) (1024x680)Barbados  (55) (1024x680)Barbados  (56) (1024x680)Barbados  (57) (1024x680)

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