Jan 8th at sea


Today was pretty much a mirror image of yesterday, weather was great the seas calm. Brad attended the future cruise talk by Annette and said it was very interesting. Lots of changes to several ship to make improvements, that were very exciting. Although due to Gloria’s pending knee replacement this April, we will not be cruising again now until the 2012 World Voyage, next January.

Last night was our first formal night and dinner was very good. Lamb chops were the best we have had in some time. We returned to the room and our first Grand Voyage gift was waiting for us. A nice journal in a pouch. It is numbered with the 66 days of the Voyage,

Gift 001

Gloria and Brad are enjoying the Art & Crafts. Nancy Grace the instructor is very organized and the crafts look fun and interesting. Also Beth of the cruise staff has enlisted Gloria to help teach during the Sit and Knit hour. Here are pictures of yesterdays craft projects (Bookmarks with metal cover clip and decorative beads). The ribbon is the actual page marker and the clip and beads are to hold the marker to the book and add decoration.

Crafts by Nancy Grace


Then today our craft was a draw string lined glass case:

Craft Day  003

We today we picked up several phone cards from Gloria’s daughters Kathryn and Pam & Norberto. Each card will allows Gloria 12 minutes of talk time to call the her girls from the ship during our cruise. The cards are beautiful this year:


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2 Responses to Jan 8th at sea

  1. June says:

    Sounds like a fun time. What must one do to be the arts and crafts person on a 66 day voyage? Do you know if it is a paid ship staffer or a volunteer? On our transatlantic cruise we had an artist from Texas to teach each day and he was great.
    Thanks for your pictures and blogs. June

  2. Leslie says:

    I really like that journal and the crafts you guys made…

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