Jan 5th Departure for South America


Last night was great fun, We had dinner with friends from Grand Voyages of 2007 – 2010. Carol Hammerman fixed us a lovely meal:

Jan 5th Departure (6) (1024x680)

Oh and I am sure you were wondering how to pack for a 66 day cruise, here is the luggage in the car:

Jan 5th Departure (1) (1024x680)Jan 5th Departure (4) (1024x680)

Many of our friends were leaving on the Amsterdam, and they were docked behind us:

Jan 5th Departure (16) (1024x680)jeff at departure (498x369)

For those of you that know him that is Jeff (Tanman) Farschman in the Yellow.

Jan 5th Departure (11) (1024x680)

Our departure was a few minutes late, but the wait was worth it.

Jan 5th Departure (13) (1024x680)Jan 5th Departure (17) (1024x680)

We were ready to start our voyage with a drink after the Life Boat Drill:

Jan 5th Departure (12) (1024x680)


The rest of the day was spent unpacking all those suitcases, We are lucky to have a large cabin this cruise.

Now as we head to dinner we hope the room steward will remove our 12 suitcases so we can finish the job.

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